First Baptist Church Savannah Podcast

First Baptist Church Savannah Podcast

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    Dec. 18, 2016 FBC Savannah Sunday Service

    4th Sunday of Advent: Sermon:“Still the Dear Christ Enters In” [Dr. John Finley] Anthem: “Rejoice! Rejoice, Believers” [by K. Lee Scott]

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    Dec. 11, 2016 FBC Savannah Sunday Service

    3rd Sunday of Advent [Gaudete Sunday]: Sermon: "Where Meek Souls Will Receive Him" [Dr. John Finley] Anthem: "Every Valley" [by John Ness Beck] Choral Introit: "Light of Light" [with Joyful Voices Choir]

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    Dec. 4, 2016 FBC Savannah Sunday Service

    2nd Sunday of Advent [A Communion Sunday]: Sermon: “But in This World of Sin” [Dr. John Finley] Anthem: “Come Now, O Prince of Peace” [Jeremy Bankson]

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    November 27, 2016 FBC Savannah Service

    On the first Sunday of Advent, we light a candle for hope, Dr. Finley preaches on "No Ear May Hear His Coming," the first in an Advent series based on the hymn "O Little Town of Bethlehem," and the choir sings Glenn Rudolph's "Veiled in Darkness."

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    November 13, 2016 FBC SAV Worship Service

    Twenty-sixth Sunday after Pentecost: Sermon: “Hopeful Words for Difficult and Troubled Times” [Dr. John Finley] Anthem: “Sing a New Song” [by Heinrich Schutz]

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